Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion consulting for
the Hospitality Industry and Luxury Services Sector

"Let your DEIB have impact, reignite your purpose & realign your future"

About Me

Hello, I’m Stella Amor and I am a trusted people partner for the hospitality and luxury services industry that I have worked in for over 30 years.

I have held senior roles as Hotel Manager, Director of HR, People & Culture, and Diversity & Inclusion. Whilst I am based in London, UK, I have worked with many global brands both remotely and hybrid.

I have industry-specific knowledge and experience, supported by my qualifications and accreditations, which more recently include:

Services Offered
HR and DEIB Consultancy

“Many leaders, HR teams, and organisations are overwhelmed with understanding, embedding, and delivery when it comes to HR, People, Diversity, and Inclusion.”

People-centred services need to be at the heart of any successful business, and I help establishments as a Trusted Partner, working with Executives, and HR Leaders within the hospitality industry to move closer to becoming a leading luxury or global brand.

This is even more critical, as the hospitality industry was one of the hardest hit industries due to the pandemic. The health and well-being of your people is paramount.

With my extensive experience, I assist Executives and Directors in embedding sustainable HR and Diversity Equity and Inclusion practices within the fabric of their organisation, underpinned by the shared commitment to sustainable development goals.

I offer services in the four key areas:-

Workshop Facilitation and Coaching

Facilitated Conversations through a Circle, a safe and Inclusive platform to explore and plan actions around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Well-being.

This works great for creating powerful conversations, facilitated where we can share, and challenge ideas, not people and present both reflections and collaborative actions and move toward inclusive norms, practices, and behaviours in the workplace.

Other facilitated workshops include:
Executive Facilitation and Accountability.
Partnerships for Leaders; and
ERG, (Employee Representative Group) Facilitation.

Consultancy & People Services

Making sure you get it right, with your people and your organisation is crucial to your success in today’s business landscape.

I’m here to help you excel in both areas, ensuring an inclusive, thriving organisation.

In particular:
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging to ensure your practices are inclusive and diverse giving the best equitable opportunities for all.

HR – assisting you with acquisitions or those tricky situations for minimal reputational damage.


Are you unsure as to what you and your business need?

Having an initial Sustainable and Inclusive Workplace assessment is a great first step.

Facilitated over an agreed time period, I assess the key areas, and provide you with a summary, so you have a starting point, with options for accountability and support as you develop your plan.

This could be the first step you are looking for in your DEIB or HR journey.


All the speaking I carry out, has an element of lived and professional experience that I bring, along with my personality. I can adapt to an audience, people, and most environments. These  are just a few suggestions:

Survive to Thrive
Trigger alert I speak about the trauma impacted by Covid, facing death, surviving, navigating life with a disability, and through reigniting purpose.

DEIB and Careers within Hospitality
An overview on what DEIB, (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) means, and what it looks like in the Hospitality sector.

Inclusive Leadership within Hospitality
For anyone who is underrepresented at the Leadership level no matter how they identify.

Partners and clients that I have worked with include:

Reignite Purpose

Volunteer Community & DEIB work or Life and Career Coaching

I am proud to be able to also give back some of my time to advance inclusion, and representation, and create safe spaces by working with charities for underrepresented groups, and individuals who need support following change. This enables me to reignite my purpose and give something back, including by utilising my coaching skills.

These include:
ICU Steps Trauma Charity
Hotel School
The Institute of Hospitality

If you choose to buy me a coffee (or tea) below, this is where that is paid forward.

If you are a charity or work with under-represented within the community, please reach out for ways we might collaborate, through my Contact Me section below.

Client Testimonials

“Stella is a true team player and is respected by not only her peers but the entire hotel team. Stella has a wicked sense of honour and a brilliant positive attitude. I would highly recommend Stella as a trusted partner to any potential client or organisation.”

Paula McColganDirector of Sales & Marketing (The Lanesborough)

“Stella has an infectious positive attitude and the knowledge and experience to provide support and advice on any HR, Diversity and Inclusion or related topic. Stella can provide a realistic lived experiential outlook to any Organisation seeking advice and support in this area being my go-to person if I ever need this support. I highly recommend Stella as a trusted partner to any potential client or organisation.”

Jane ChilmanHR Consultant, Coach, Mediator & Conflict Resolution Specialist

“Stella is able to brilliantly blend her legal expertise, operational knowledge, and cultural knowledge to continue to develop and evolve organist actions period practices. It has been a pleasure to work with Stella, a person who has been so influential on my career and without whom would not have developed the confidence to execute People Strategies myself.”

Mathew RowledgeMIH

“Stella is a genuine, and genuinely impressive individual who, despite all she has achieved, remains committed to doing more – and not just for herself and the organisations she supports, but for others too. Stella is a licenced coach and qualified DEIB specialist. Her online hub and workshops make this subject not only interesting but opens up healthy discussion points.”

Ann HunterPeople First Human Resources Consultant

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Often it’s easier to chat one to one, and that’s why I offer various ways to get in touch with me, including a selection of meetings. If this is something you would like to do, please see the booking buttons below. To decide which is the best meeting for you please take a look at my services section above.

It would be great to connect, and I look forward to meeting you soon!

If you would prefer to contact me by email or phone:

Tel: 0800 107 8766